Bring a smile to your customers’ faces with the world’s first truly personable order-taking robot.

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  • POCA is a turnkey “Smart Ordering System” that sets up easily and tools that will make your customers happier and your business stronger.

  • All the benefits of a smart kiosk, with a friendly face. POCA is the most personable order-taking robot on the market.

  • Our patented facial recognition technology means POCA instantly knows every returning customer. With POCA, it’s finally possible to be on a first name basis with every customer.

How POCA Benefits Businesses

The future of business is data.

  • Automate Your Order Taking, Spend More Time with Customers

    POCA can greet customers, recognize regulars and take their orders. This lets you spend more time making unforgettable food, engaging in conversations and offering table service. POCA can even link up with all your shop’s IoT-enabled devices, including lights, thermostats, and appliance, so everything is switched on and ready to go before you set foot in the store.

  • Make an Emotional Connection

    Not only can POCA detect your customers’ emotions, it can emote right back to them. Customers find most self-ordering kiosks to be isolating, lacking personality and complicated to use. POCA makes customer interactions more comfortable, while giving you the data-driven tools that will help your business succeed.

  • Move Customers Through the Line Up to Four Times Faster

    Long lines mean slower turnover, more customers walking away, and lower profits. POCA moves hungry diners through the line up to four times faster. When customers walk up to POCA (which runs our POCA Vision facial recognition and customer data software) it predicts and presents what they’re likely to order based on past behavior and the preferences of customers similar to them.

  • Build True Customer Loyalty and Relationships

    If your customers still have to apply for loyalty cards to get personalized recommendations and discounts, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. POCA uses facial recognition to spot repeat customers and builds loyalty by offering personalized recommendations and discounts. Unlike other systems that require up to 17 touches, taps or swipes before customers can pay, POCA instantly gives customers what they want.

What Else Can POCA Do?

AI-enabled POCA is a fully featured ordering robot that also integrates all the features of our POCA Vision facial recognition and customer data software.

  • Identifies revisiting customers

  • Deep learning-based face recognition

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Full IoT integration

  • Marketing automation

  • Motion detection

How POCA Vision Does This:

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