Future-proof your business 

Offer faster, easier, and contact-free experiences to save time, increase profits, and learn more about your customers.

Get It Done With Roborus

With advanced AI and facial recognition technology, our smart solutions identify your customers and improve their ordering experience. Here are a few ways you can modernize your business now.

Intelligent kiosks

Transform your existing kiosk into an automated ordering system.

Contact-free payment

Offer customers peace of mind with contact-free payment methods.

Automated check-ins

  Speed up hotel or event check-ins with our state of the art facial identification system.    

Building access & temperature checks

Keep your business safe and secure by identifying authorized personnel or healthy individuals. 

Our Customers & Partners

How it works

We can suit a variety of applications. Here’s how customers interact with our POCA hardware and software.

1. Customers choose to be recognized.

2. Customers enjoy a complete personalized ordering experience with custom recommendations and add-ons for upsells.

3. Customers complete payment quickly and effortlessly without needing cash or card.


Learn about your customers

Now you can know exactly who your customers are. Our powerful technology uses AI and facial recognition to detect a customer’s gender, age, emotion, and even identify them by name. 

The world has changed. Has your business?

The ways we live and conduct business are forever changed. Make sure your business is up to code in a post COVID-19 world. 

"Our business took a big hit in 2020. But after installing POCA, our profits are back up."

– One of our customers

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