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  • All you need is a POS with a camera. No camera built into your POS? We’ve got plug-and-play solutions for that.

  • We support Android, Windows and other common POS operating systems. Installation and setup are a breeze.

How Auto-ID & Pay Benefits Businesses

The future of business is data.

  • Move Customers Through the Line Four Times Faster

    Long lines mean slower turnover, more customers walking away, and lower profits. Auto-ID & Pay moves hungry diners through the line up to four times faster. When customers walk up to a POS or kiosk running Auto-ID & Pay, it predicts and presents what they’re likely to order based on past behavior and the preferences of customers similar to them.

  • Build True Customer Loyalty and Relationships

    If your customers still have to apply for loyalty cards to get personalized recommendations and discounts, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Auto-ID & Pay uses facial recognition to spot repeat customers and builds loyalty by offering personalized recommendations and discounts. Unlike other systems that require up to 17 touches, taps or swipes before customers can pay, Auto-ID & Pay instantly gives customers what they want.

  • Train Employees based on Real Customer Satisfaction Data

    How do customers feel about the service they’re getting at the counter? Auto-ID & Pay measures sentiment – whether customers are satisfied, dissatisfied or neutral – in real time and then helps you spot patterns. Is your upsell overly aggressive? Is the cashier rushing the customer… or a little bit too friendly? You’ll know the same day so that you can make changes before endangering your company’s reputation.

  • Respond to Changing Tastes with Instant Feedback on New Items

    Auto-ID & Pay gives restaurants and offline stores the same powerful tools that are used by online retailers and e-commerce sites. Examples include running A-B tests to discover the popularity of new products or testing customer responses to discounts. With Auto-ID & Pay this is now as simple offline as it is in the online environment.

What Else Can Auto-ID & Pay Do?

Auto-ID & Pay’s intelligent facial recognition technology helps you learn more about your customers.

  • Gender

    99.9% accuracy

  • Age

    Within 5 years

  • Sentiment

    Satisfied, Dissatisfied, Neutral

  • And more!

How Auto-ID & Pay Does This:

Will Auto-ID & Pay Work With My POS?

Auto-ID & Pay works with all major POS brands and operating systems, including Android and Windows.

Our upcoming partnership with one of North America’s largest POS makers will make setup even easier for millions of business owners and franchises.

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