Offer faster, easier, and contact-free experiences to save time, increase profits, and learn more about your customers.


Offer faster, easier, and contact-free experiences to save time, increase profits, and learn more about your customers.

Our Customers & Partners

retail and foodservice

Provide personalized contact-free customer service and improve sales, while keeping your employees safe. 

Intelligent Kiosks

Transform your existing kiosk into an automated ordering system.

Enhanced kiosks can greet customers, recognize regulars and take their orders, allowing you to spend time on making food and offering table service.


Contact-Free Drive Thrus

Make your drive thru safer and more convenient.

With license plate readers that recognize regulars and let them pay without having to hand over a credit card, your drive thru service will be smoother than ever.


Complete Smart Restaurant Solutions

Keep your restaurant safe and clean, with better profits than ever.

Make guests feel safe with temperature checks, offer better service with automated ordering, recognize immediately which tables need to be bussed, and optimize profits with advanced analytics.


Suitable for a variety of applications




Smart restaurants

Access control

Frictionless, secure access to your facilities, computer systems, and confidential documents. 

Physical Access Control

Add a non-invasive layer of security with face-based access.

No credential sharing. No tailgating. Discreetly screen employees and guests for fevers and ensure they are wearing masks, when needed.


ID Free Login

Allow people to login to less secure computer systems without passwords or PINs.

Perfect for schools, retirement communities, and other businesses serving less tech-savvy customers.


Confidential Document Control

Secure confidential documents, ensuring only authorized employees can access them.

Passwords and access cards can be shared or stolen, but an employee’s face can’t be hacked. We can even prevent access if an employee appears to be under duress.


Entry solutions for all industries

Nursing homes





Now you can know exactly who your customers are. Our powerful technology uses AI and facial recognition to detect a customer's gender, age, emotion, and even identify them by name.


We can suit a variety of applications. Here's how customers interact with our hardware and software.

1. Customers walk up to a device and choose to be recognized.

2. Customers enjoy a personalized ordering experience with custom recommendations and add-ons for upsells.

3. Customers complete payment quickly and effortlessly without needing cash or card.


We protect and secure all data

100% committed to privacy

At Roborus, we’re proud to be advancing computer vision technology to improve customer service and help existing staff work more effectively. We know that AI and facial recognition are controversial technologies, especially when it comes to privacy. That’s why we are committed to not storing personally identifying data.

what customers are saying

At Roborus, we think our solutions are pretty great. But don't take it from us. See what some of our customers have to say!

Our business took a big hit in 2020 and we had to scale back and rely on a skeleton crew. POCA helps us pick up the slack."

Mitch Skolnik

Managing Director

“Being able to analyze customer behavior means we can better serve them.”

Andrel Nahaev

Franchise owner

“We see more orders come in from our smart kiosks than from the front counter.”

Eduard Ungureanu


“Our customers and staff feel safer after installing POCA.”

Tom Ewer

General Manager

The world has changed.

Is your business ready?

The ways we live and conduct business are forever changed. Make sure your business is up to code in a post COVID-19 world. 

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